In fact, when people ask me what the best affordable leather jackets are, I say Thedi, Field Leathers, and Aero and I still recommend them to people consistently. D'occasion. The cotton lining is good, the knits are nice and not itchy, though definitely not as high quality as my Real McCoys knits which feel softer and more comfortable. 4 outside pockets removable brown mouton collar. It also does not have the depth of color nor does it have the firm temper of Shinki. I still think the people at Aero make a good jacket for the price. I would look like Violet Beauregard in this jacket now or that polar bear kid who can’t move in Banjo-Tooie. Some Freewheelers jackets now cost over $3,000 new while Aero is still between half and a third of that price given that I paid $1,200 shipped for this jacket. This jacket is quite unique in that it has a number of features from earlier Aero contracts, and is the first contract to use some newer details. The very last A-2 contract they made was number 42-18775-P. Even before I disliked CXL on boots, I thought it looked dull and boring on jackets. There is one major issue on the bottom lining of the jacket, however. View all posts by almostvintagestyle, Your email address will not be published. All opinions are my own and while I hope to be as honest and unbiased as possible, I am of the firm belief that it is not possible for humans to be completely objective so do keep that in mind. The stitches per inch mostly stay consistent and the stitch lines are usually quite clean and straight. To be perfectly honest, the experience did prevent me from ordering the replacement jacket from Aero. Kultivierte Kleidung für Alltag und Abenteuer. The construction of this jacket is… OK. Aero Leather Jacket Horsehide. AERO LEATHER Steerhide Jacket Riders 36 Brown USED. The issue was that I was still overweight, but had also started weightlifting. Special Sale: Aero Leather Premier Range 1920s Work Coat - Horween CX Steerhide Black size 40 . Add to Cart. Aero Leather Clothing, Galashiels. Rating: 0%. This is partly why Freewheelers jackets are so ridiculously drool-worthy. The grain is less even and more variated. With them having Badalassi now, Aero is a better value than they ever have been and worth a look for many people especially with the wide range of jacket designs that they have. * Also, the jacket fit me too tight in the shoulders and a little slim in the chest as well. Aero A2 Leather Jacket. Aero Leather Clothing Aero Motorcycle Jacket. They look absolutely stunning. *I really don’t know exactly where the tipping point is. Inspired by his style staple, the Happy Days jacket by Aero Leather is crafted from full grain vegetable-tanned horsehide and has all the key features worn by The Fonz – with a zip-up front, standard collar, knitted cuffs and waistband and two welted pockets at the front. Rendered in jet black Italian horsehide, this has a zip up the front and buckle waist, with a "D" patch and four pockets at the front. However, I knew I needed time to reflect on the experience which is why I did not write this review immediately. Hand made classic leather clothing, made to last a lifetime not a season. My point is that the fit of this specific jacket on me was as awkward as Donald Trump walking through San Francisco. think part of the issue is that this pattern should really only be used with softer leathers with more drape such as capeskin and lambskin and Aero may not have slimmed the jacket up to compensate like The Real McCoys did with their horsehide A1 jacket. However, you can absolutely feel free to disregard his statement here. Add to Compare. Even many die hard Aero fans will admit that their jackets are not perfect. At this point, it would probably be their Hooch Hauler jacket in Badalassi. It is a very deep rich red, almost black. Aero, type Highwayman Aero, type Highwayman Aero, type Highwayman Aero leather jacket size 38 (large 38). Add to Cart. My goodness, the fit of this jacket was absolutely atrocious on me. Pour les défenseurs des animaux, sachez que les restrictions ordonnées par les USA o… From shop VintageOnHollywood. Welcome to the home of the World famous Aero Leather Clothing, rated by many as manufacturers of the best and the toughest leather jackets on the planet. I had just started losing weight when I got this jacket, but I had probably only gone down from around 200lb to probably 195 or 190-ish. Once I realized that I could order an Aero jacket in Badalassi, it was not long before I placed an order. My name is Jake and this is where I review jeans, jackets, boots, shirts, and anything related to the raw denim and "vintage work wear". However, it did make me appreciate the beauty of Freewheelers’ patterns even more. That jacket design looks gorgeous. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. De la boutique TogsLover. Can One Pair of Boots be Better than Another? In fact, Badalassi cowhide is actually my second favorite leather in the world after Shinki horsehide. From my experience with my cognac Badalassi White Kloud boots, I rate it higher than many horsehide leathers. True to the original, the A-1 is made in horsehide russet (other types and colors available as custom order) and secures with seven horn buttons down the center with welted buttonholes. I love me some wide cut trousers and I understand a boxy fit on certain jackets, but this is just ridiculous. Before he jumped the shark, Fonzie epitomised the cool "greaser" look that was ubiquitous in his era. Since the earliest days of Aero, as far back as 1981, it's been our policy to locate and offer only the very best of these rare gems, that's why we've always stocked authentic denim by Lee, Levi Strauss and Bluebell Wrangler and continue to source or re-manufacture only the most authentic rarities. Best vintage style leather jackets for a fair pricing. Chest-wise, this is still the right jacket for me if I were to buy it again and shoulder-wise, it is still slightly too small. I am here to provide honest reviews, not to be a promoter trying to make money disguised as a reviewer. In the eyes of many, they are responsible for kickstarting the repro leather jacket craze. Aero leather jacket Buco size 38. Maybe they did do that and this jacket just looked wrong on me. Add to Cart. Rating: 0%. Born in Oakland, made in Scotland. This jacket is a reproduction of an Aero Leather Clothing Co. (of Beacon, N.Y.) A-2 contract from around 1941. Rating: 0%. October 2020. At the end of the day, I can chalk up the fit of this jacket to being a combination of my fault and a pattern that just wasn’t right for me. Aero A-1 Military Flight Jacket size 42 Seal Vicenza Horsehide Leather Jacket Whatever the exact reason for the fit not working, it really did not work. The real star of the show is the leather. Greg told me that he wanted to remake the jacket, but Aero said otherwise. Beginning life as contract company in Beacon, N.Y, supplying the USAAF with their famous A1 and A2 flight Jackets, Aero Leather Jackets have been manufactured on the Scottish borders for the last 40 years or so. $1,699.00. At 5’7” tall, that means I was overweight and probably still obese at that point. In fact, I have handled and tried on a few Aero jackets made with Vicenza leather and the superiority of this leather is undeniable. The leather feels more firm and substantial while the depth of color is vastly greater. Item is located in Bicester . Was: C $508.34. The buttons are also quite beautiful. Add to Wish List. It is certainly superior to that of any jacket from Schott, but it falls way behind any Japanese leather jacket. Brown Leather Jacket Men Leather Jackets Motorcycle Jacket Bomber Jacket Men's Wardrobe Cold Weather Motorcycles Men's Fashion Cars. Bit of a bump, I have just received delivery of an Aero leather jacket, it's great. A few years back, they introduced Vicenza leather, an Italian vegetable tanned horsehide. The only reason I had not purchased one was because they did not have a leather that I liked. While there is good reason for that in some ways, we have learned that the “standard” is not always the best. I cover everything from Naked and Famous to Himel Brothers, discuss developments and trends in this subculture, and share some of my travel experiences. My view was always that Aero jackets were more than worth the money. The jacket made famous by Marlon Brando in "The Wild Ones". They also offer certain levels of customization as well. I almost cannot believe that the same person who made this jacket made those jackets he shows on Instagram. In the eyes of many, they are responsible for kickstarting the repro leather jacket craze. Add to Wish List. I went for a Highwayman made from Front Quarter Horse Hide, in vintage cordovan (NB this is the name they use for the colour, it is not actually cordovan leather). Aero Leather Jacket A-2 Size36 Flight jacket Mortorcycle Jacket. I know I was obese before I started losing weight, but I don’t know where the exact lines are drawn. If anything, this should be a lesson to me and to everyone that leather jacket measurements go beyond chest, shoulder, length, and arm length measurements. 5 out … My point is that it is not perfect and for the prices that Aero charges, you should not expect that either. Aero Leather "Blizzard" - Limited Edition . Part of this I think is due to the machines and needles that Aero uses. Add to Wish List. There have been too many other examples of excellent fitting Aero jackets to make me think all their patterns would fit me this poorly. $999.00. Badalassi leather is absolutely stunning. In the last some 15 years I bought 3 jackets (old College Jacket, Highwayman and Happy Days) via the superb Burkardt Pflug of GASOLINE ALLEY in Munich and recently one (1950's College Jacket) by myself directly via mail order at AERO LEATHERS. In some cases, they are less than half the price. In my opinion, it is not even close to the quality of Shinki horsehide. In fact, I was actually more than happy with the construction quality of the jacket for this price. Please understand, I did not make any modifications to the body width of this jacket. I am not ignorant enough to think that. This site displays our extensive range of high grade Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide, Vegetable tanned full grain Italian Horsehide, Vegetable tanned Goatskin and Steerhide Leather Jackets alongside our unequalled recreations of RAF, USN and USAAF Military Flying Jackets. Describing leather quality is not the easiest, but I will say that Badalassi certainly was confirmed as my second favorite leather after Shinki horsehide with this jacket. I cannot say whether or not this is true as Greg is now a competitor of his former employer, but given what Greg’s current jackets look like, I believe him. As a matter of fact, the person who made my jacket is Greg who now owns Field Leathers. While enthusiasts are only too aware that many original pieces of vintage clothing have become collectors items, with museum quality pieces reaching prices that preclude every-day wear, what is not so well known is that many of these classic items are still available new today, some having been in almost continuous production, whilst others have been lovingly and painstakingly remanufactured using authentic materials. Inspired by the original and most iconic of biker styles, the Daytona jacket by Aero Leather is a piece that will never go out of date. Very good condition, barely broken in. It is that good. The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is an American military flight jacket originally invented and developed for and closely associated with World War II U.S. Army Air Forces pilots, navigators and bombardiers, who often decorated their jackets with squadron patches and elaborate artwork painted on the back. 340,00 EUR. $ 1,199.99 Quantity. In very good condition. more>>. Home of Aero Leathers, manufactures of the finest vintage leather clothing, including leather flight jackets, ww2 flight jackets, leather trousers, classic jeans and shirts - Aero Leathers, Scotland, UK. We've recently added a range of 1930s and 1940s recreations, traditional knitwear hand knitted in Scotland, Harris Tweed trousers and caps cut from 1930s patterns, silk scarves, CC41 Shirts and Cord CC41 trousers, traditional footwear all made in The UK and we'll continue to expand our range of both leather and cloth items on a monthly basis adding only the very best high quality pieces to our current extensive range as soon as we locate them. It is not Freewheelers level, but they do not cost Freewheelers prices either. 14. Aero Leather Clothing Co. of Beacon, NY made a good number of contracts for the Army Air Corps and Forces. Rating: 0%. Quickview. Years of craftsmanship experience goes in to the construction of your perfect jacket. The grain is quite regular and looks more like cowhide rather than having the larger and irregular grain that is associated with horsehide. Despite my love of perfect stitching and finishing, I had no intention of selling this jacket due to the construction.What caused me to sell the jacket was the fit. It seemed that while I was interested in many of Aero’s designs and their attractive price point, I was not likely to get a jacket from them. It has more beautiful grain than many horse hides. Honestly, I never thought these leathers looked nice. C $477.84. There are no loose threads, broken stitches, or anything like that. $1,599.00. Unsere Produkte. I think the leather, knit, lining, and thread combo worked extremely well. There are also other flaws such as a stitch that cut through the leather on a seam/fold, some loose material where the button holes were cut, and some other poor stitch lines. This year we'll be adding more unique clothing from Japan, Europe and USA along with some special pieces of original vintage clothing including rare collector's items from the 1930s and 1940s. This is not a bad thing especially considering how much less Aero’s jackets cost than those makers. With them carrying Badalassi, the great customer service I received during the process, and the overall strong quality of the product, I still may buy another Aero in the future. Add to Wish List. Very thick leather jacket weighs 6 lbs. Aero Leather Distressed Black Jacket Highwayman Steerhide Size 42 Superb & Rare. What is undeniable is the poor stitch line on this jacket. ship to lower 48 only Aero Leather has become popular in the repro community for their tough build, classic styles, and quality materials. Hand made, custom leather jackets using the finest leathers and materials. After taking some time to look back, I realize that I was not faultless here either. As always, these are NOT affiliate links. ou Faire une offre. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. Thurston Bros. has been working with Aero Leather Clothing for many years to develop patterns for Aero jacket styles that reflect a vintage ethos with modern taste. This means, for example, more>>, See yourself in the customer gallery. 18 watching. C $736.34 It is an unusual style of Aero.These are great jackets and will last you forever. For many leather jacket fans, they are the standard by which all other leather jackets are measured. VINTAGE AERO LEATHER HIGHWAYMAN MOTORCYCLE JACKET SIZE M BSA LOGO ON BACK. more>>, Prices and info on postage and returns more>>, Tips on breaking, wearing & caring for your jacket. Aero is a staple of the leather jacket world. Leather getting a good patina. How to measure yourself and get the correct fit for you more>>, Check out our sale items and offers. Quickview. Lining and knits in excellent shape. Aero civilian model. One look at this leather told me it was not what I was looking for and handling some Vicenza jackets later on only proved my initial hunches correct. In most places it is actually quite good. This is a vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy and it is by far the most beautiful cowhide that I have ever seen in my opinion. They punch massive, unsightly holes in the jacket. Aero Leather Veste Biker Jacket size 38 Small / Unique TogsLover. Aero's classically designed Motorcycle Jacket was inspired by the jacket commissioned from Aero in 1987 for the Marlon Brando exhibit in the world famous Madam Tussaud's Waxworks in London. C $82.81 shipping. Aero A2 Leather Jacket hardly used very good condition complete with original packaging. Have a look on Aero 's website to get an idea of the quality of these jackets and see how much they ask for them second hand! Make Offer - VINTAGE AERO LEATHER HIGHWAYMAN MOTORCYCLE JACKET SIZE M BSA LOGO ON BACK. I have seen Aero jackets fit people absolutely wonderfully. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de aero leather jacket. This is not to say that it is objectively bad, I simply do not like it personally. or Best Offer. This is stock. C $12.74 shipping. 11 K J’aime. Despite this terrible fit, the jacket did not sour me on Aero… forever. Aero Leather Clothing is widely regarded as one of the top manufacturers of the finest and toughest leather jackets on the planet! Several other members of The Fedora Lounge (which is ironically the best leather jacket forum in the world) said that this jacket fit me quite poorly as well. I would take a Badalassi jacket over a jacket made of any other leather, including any non-Shinki horsehide. These are combination tanned and quite thick. Aero is a staple of the leather jacket world. I wanted to replace it with something similar, yet slightly different so I went with an A-1 jacket in tobacco Badalassi with olive green knits. The materials are overall excellent. Aero did not miss the measurements, but the jacket just did not feel right. Vintage 1990’s, 1960’s Style East West Brand Aero Leather Jacket, Pilot Jacket, Utility Pockets, Vintage Clothing VintageOnHollywood. My first high quality leather jacket was made from Shinki Hikaku horsehide and while the jacket turned out to be a dud, the leather was glorious and I have been hooked ever since on Shinki. Brown Leather Jacket Men. For many leather jacket fans, they are the standard by which all other leather jackets are measured. For quite some time, Aero did not have any leather remotely similar to the vegetable tanned Shinki horsehide. The combination of fat that I already had plus muscle that I was adding meant that the jacket was too small and I had to sell it. Throughout my time as a leather jacket enthusiast, I have mainly favored Japanese-made leather jackets while dabbling in other makers, especially in Himel Bros. My impression had been that Aero, while excellent, did not offer a product that was quite on the same level as makers such as Freewheelers, The Real McCoys, Flat Head, Himel Bros, and Good Wear. Rare black Aero A2 Horsehide Leather Jacket with g-star raw aero leather biker jacket. It still blows away any Schott that I have handled. Aero’s most famous leather is their Horween Chromexcel front quarter horsehide and steerhide. The stitch line goes extremely wonky and this does not look great. Aero Leather est une marque écossaise qui a commencé son activité en 1975 en vendant des vestes originales de la seconde guerre mondiale ainsi que des vêtements vintages (cuirs, vêtements de travail…). C $369.46. Some of these people are fans of Aero as well, so there was no confirmation bias. Your email address will not be published. Either way, it was an awful fit. Quickview. A-1 Jacket was developed in the 1920's and manufactured as Navy issue flight jacket from November 1927 to 1931, when the G-1 replaced it. You should look into these things before you pull the trigger on a jacket. Every Aero jacket is manufactured on the premises here in Scotland where each garment is made from start to finish by an individual machinist, each taking immense pride in his or her work, there is no production line at Aero. C $518.04 +C $51.98 shipping. That all changed when they started making jackets with Badalassi Carlo leather. Leather jackets are notoriously difficult to put together beautifully. Add to Compare. It just did not feel right. highest quality and really cool leather jacket. While there is good reason for … Again, I want to point out that I do not think that this means that Aeros patterns are all poor. Beautiful mid-brown size medium 100% leather jacket from the Aero Leather Company. The purchase was brought on by the fact that I had gotten too big for my Real McCoys Red Silk A2 jacket. What you have to realize when looking at these pictures of me in this jacket is that they were taken about a year ago when I was probably still 30-35lb heavier than I am now and perhaps even heavier in terms of body fat percentage. Aero Leather Clothing Dustbowl Jacket - Seal Brown Horse Hide. Some of this blame has to go on me as well. Aero B-6 Military Flight Jacket sz … Still, even with this, I would say the jacket is decently well made overall. Aero Leather A-1 Jacket size 36 in Aero's fantastic seal brown goatskin with olive cotton sateen lining, olive drab stitching and light brown horn buttons.The jacket is in excellent condition with no scuffs to the leather or damage to the lining. I hope you find what I have to say informative as well as enjoyable to read! It would have saved me a big headache. To be clear, the construction on this jacket is not poor. Quickview. C’est en 1981 que Aero a commencé à fabriquer ses propres cuirs à partir de peaux de cheval de la fameuse tannerie américaine Horween. In my opinion, the jacket ended up looking quite nice. Aero Leather 1950s College Jacket . This is not just me speaking either. To me, it felt limp and lifeless. He specifically said that he uses different needles with his new brand and it really shows. However, as I said, this experience confirmed to me that Aero makes a solid product, even if it is not perfect. I should have asked how the body was going to fit overall, not just the chest. Saved by Jeff Samoray. more>>, Find out how an Aero jacket is made. Required fields are marked *. Vintage Aero Leather jacket bomber 40 42 L motorcycle mouton flight military UK This just clearly did not work out for me. Regular Price $1,559.00 Special Price $1,399.00. Aero Leather Jean Jacket 557XX Type III Vicenza Horsehide : Troy Mills Blanket Lining . The cafe racer is also one of the easiest leather jacket styles to wear — and the Aero Board Racer has become a reference model.

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