First, I’ve tried Peter Reinhart’s method in the book The Bread Baker Apprentice. I’m dying for an egg and cheese bagel sandwich and don’t think it would taste too goo on cinnamon raisin , Maybe you can sprinkle some of the cinnamon as you’re forming the balls to make the bagels, so add a bit of cinnamon to each individual ball, roll it, and then shape the bagels. unsalted butter, softened, cut into cubes; 24 g (2 tbsp.) However, you can use all white or a blend of white and whole wheat flour. What do you make when a group of people are getting together to play kickball during a pandemic? Mini Original Bagels. Mix on low speed to combine. Then refrigerate them for 4 – 8 hours. Thomas' ® Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins ® Bagels A delightful taste of juicy raisins, and sweet cinnamon in your favorite 110 calorie bagel. After a lot of testing, my recipe is finally here! Go figure. Very cool! I appreciate you taking the time to let us all know and also help other readers! Cover with a damp towel and let rise until double in size, about 8-10 hours at room temperature, 70F … It’s my favorite combination. I use half and half (bread flour and Cake flour). Add to trolley. Once you add the cream cheese it’s divine! Cover both trays with a damp towel. They turned out perfectly! What can i use instead of the milk powder? Will see how this one turns out . And speaking of figures -- at 85 grams, these bagels a little smaller than the 100-gram ones I've been doing recently. Cinnamon-Raisin Sourdough Bagels. Every time you make bread you learn a little more. And used maple syrup instead of honey.i also cut down on the boiling time 10 secs on each side, basically giving them a total of 20secs. It baked beautifully for 15mins at about 210°C for those who work on Centigrade measures.. just waiting to get it tested and tasted to see if the chewy ness is up to scratch . Everything Bagels. Reinhart recommends boiling each bagel for 1 minute on each side. Share on Facebook; Share by Email; Share on Pinterest; Share on Twitter ; We think the slight sourdough tang in this rich, slightly sweet bread offers a nice contrast. The smaller cross-section of each slice still lays up ample flavor and satiety — although to be honest, I pretty much always end up slicing two to three at a time… You'll understand once you get to baking this beautiful bread, trust me. The dough will be very stiff. We’d love to serve you traditional, handcrafted bagels! Very easy, and you’ll always end up with perfectly shaped rolls, bagels. Place the bagels on the prepared cookie sheets, and slip into a large food-grade plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap. And cinnamon. I used almond milk for brushing the bagels as we hv adults with dairy intolerance in our household. We love it toasted with cream cheese or melted butter and it makes great french toast! Want to make cinnamon-raisin bagels? Meanwhile, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and dust it generously with semolina. I’m thinking of making your bagel recipe soon and I’m wondering if I could use 6 cups all-purpose flour rather than 3 all-purpose and 3 whole wheat? Servings 14 bagels. By Anita's Baking Team. Form each piece into a light ball, cover, and let rest for 10 minutes. In my experience, that really didn’t work. The first time was a bit of a fiasco. Thank you so much, Dave. On my NWS journey, I want to be faithful to Ford’s recipes, but I don’t want to make Big Red-flavored bagels, so I went with 2tsp. I am glad you like the taste! that might work . 1 cup (227g) sourdough starter 1 1/4 Cups (300ml) water (I use water from soaking raisins - see below - and make up) 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp salt 2 tbsp honey (can also use maple syrup, especially if doing plain) When I’ve made bagels before I’ve also shaped them a different way. Because I started so late in the day, have you tried proofing the bagels after shaping overnight in the fridge and then boiled/baked next morning? And if I am making my dough at night, I feed her in the morning. Also I use the 4th Mehtod and only use half the amount of the recipe stated. Posted February 21, 2019. For example, The Artisan Sourdough Made Simple has a recipe for Sourdough Bagels. Go figure. Like this? Mixture will seem extremely stiff. I don’t have a mixer with dough hooks so I kneaded by hand and when you say you need some “elbow grease” you really mean it! Vegan Dessert Recipes. Bitte verwendet reichlich Zimt - das Gewürz wird in den USA in heftiger Dosierung und nicht so homöopathisch wie hierzulande verwendet! Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. They’re so flavourful and I was so happy with how they turned out! Wrap the cylinder around your hand, with the ends overlapping by about two inches in your palm. Cover the bowl and let rest at room temperature for 8-12 hours. They came out perfectly! I will not be reproducing Ford’s recipes in my blog. I chose to shape each loaf of this cinnamon raisin sourdough as a smaller, more petite, batard because the flavor of each slice is pronounced. We’re open M-F 7:30am-2pm (or sellout) at 219 N 29th, in Downtown Billings, Montana. Mini Original Bagels. And this is the best recipe I could come up with so far. So you can achieve a crusty outside and a chewy texture! They’re bagels, so the dough needs to be stiff, but my mixer doesn’t handle the dough with all the flour. And I’d love to try the lye bath as well!! How can I make the starter dough ? Time: Mix: 10 minutes; Rest, divide and shape: 35 minutes; Proof: 2 – 4 hours at room temperature plus 4 – 8 hours in the refrigerator; Boil: 5 minutes; Bake: about 20 minutes; Desired dough temperature: 80F. They are so good. thank you. Bagel dough is the type that has to be kneaded for a really long time! You're awesome for doing it! Gluten Free Baking. For Best Before, see front of pack. As I left you comment about everything bagels, I decided to give a try this ones too. First, start with 2 cups of freshly fed, mature sourdough starter.. Add the water, oil, salt, and flour and mix until all the ingredients are combined. Cinnamon & raisin bagel, simply toasted with strawberry jam & butter Great choice for lunch Tasty lunch Cheese bagel filled with sliced ham, mayo & crisp lettuce Satisfying anytime of day Sweet treat The original bagel, toasted and topped with cream cheese, blueberries & honey. Turn the oven down to 400F once the bagels are in. Wow, when you say stiff you’re not kidding. I didn’t really find it, more like I conquered it, after so many attempts over the years. 4. All our products can be frozen. They were as good as fresh. Description. oh that’s awesome I loved hearing about all of your adaptations!! I am from the UK. After 7 hours at room temperature, mine still don’t – they’re exactly the same as when I shaped them. Remove the bagels from the refrigerator, brush the semolina off their bottoms, and place them on the cooling rack. It might be because the dough is so on point too, so I am still going to try retarding this dough in the fridge overnight to see how it bakes the next day. Guess what, the bagels that were boiled for 1 minute on each side were unnecessarily tough! I made a cinnamon crunch topping for my cinnamon raisin bagels – 1/2 tsp of butter, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp of brown sugar per bagel. One of these days I’ll actually try a lye bath instead of the baking soda water. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? You want the best gluten development you can get! A timeline for making sourdough bagels: pieces, and ended up with 14 pieces. Also I use the 4th Mehtod and only use half the amount of the recipe stated. Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. I’ll let y’all know! It might be that it really works for you to boil your bagels for longer. Healthy Gluten Free Bread Recipe. Camila. Cuisine American . The ones boiled for only 20-30 seconds retained that perfect bite and chew, without being too tough! I had then used Unbleached Bread Flour plus Gluten, and a small amount of rye that was in my levain/starter. These bagels look so delicious and perfect for brunch! Immediately after kneading the initial dough, you shape it into balls, let them rest for 20 minutes, shape the holes, and retard bagels in the fridge overnight, to be baked next morning. Sounds amazing!!! Keyword bagels, cinnamon, raisin, sourdough . More about that in a later post. Jump to: Ingredients; Step by step ‍ Tips; More sourdough loaf breads; Print the recipe; Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Bread; Everyone loves a sweet breakfast bread, and this recipe is one of our favorites. The whole wheat flour give the bread such delicious nutty tones, that go so well with the tanginess of the sourdough!! They haven’t puffed up at all – I know bagels don’t rise like normal bread, but as the recipe says, the should look a bit “puffy”. I am from the UK. My sourdough bread comes out fine, so I know my starter is OK, but I’m really puzzled why nothing at all happens, even after several hours “rising”. Meanwhile, there are tones of resources online for it. I’ve made these bagel recipes several times now with really good results, but I’ve just now found some non-diastatic malt powder. The thing is that I just found the most perfect bagel recipe! However, in school, we did not make cinnamon raisin bagels. There’s been a lot of bagel-making going on around here. Go figure. Find a store near you. Expand the center out with your hands, by rotating the bagel as you shape the hole in the middle. So I eded some additional flour and another 1/4 cup of blueberries and mix them by my hands. I kept some in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days and toasted them for a quick breakfast. Bagel dough should be kneaded at least 7 minutes by machine, probably double by hand. More about that in a later post. Thanks for these wonderful trustworthy recipes! Servings 1 Time 15mins Ingredients 8 Cali Veggie Bagel Burger. It’s easy and straight forward and the bagels are so tasty when they come out of the oven. Let them sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Knead by machine for about 7 minutes. Precede with the remainder of the kneading and other directions. 500 g (4 cups) bread flour; 85 g (6 tbsp.) French Toast Bagels Limited Edition! I definitely learned some things, but overall they turned out great! I’ve now made three of your bagel recipes, and they’ve all turned out beautifully, even though I’ve been substituting Horlick’s for the milk & malt powders. I am completely intrigued by making my own bagels and your recipe sounds fantastic! Thanks for these wonderful trustworthy recipes! Use the counter to push the dough against itself and turn into a perfect round. Whatever. Product information. Or a lot of elbow grease. Rotate pans. Sourdough Bagels simply are my favorite! Therefore, the 110 grams of sourdough starter should be made from 55 grams of flour and 55 grams of water. My palms were tired so I decided I was done at around 15 or 20 mins then realized I’d forgotten to knead in the raisins. Then, place bagels in 2 baking mat or parchment paper lined baking sheets. Thank you SO much! Use whole wheat BREAD flour - not simply whole wheat flour - for best results (alternatively add 1 tbsp of vital wheat gluten to the dough mixture). I made the everything bagels on another post of yours- Great recipe and easy to follow! Get it delivered. Topping Your Sourdough Bagels. So happy to hear that!!! And speaking of figures -- at 85 grams, these bagels a little smaller than the 100-gram ones I've been doing recently. Haha It’s also very arid here so during the first rise, I should’ve put it in my slightly warm oven with a bowl of steaming water. I’ve been trying to perfect my sourdough bagel recipe for a long time. Thank you so much Naomi! 8-pack; Nutrition Facts and more. of the sugar. Hi, have you tried making a gluten free version of these? And sticky did the steam for the cinnamon raisin bagels 4 per pack ( 14 ) Leave a review I... Per year for 3 – 4 hours at room temperature, mine still don ’ t just mean far! Look at other websites online!!!!!!!!!!!!..., softened, cut into cubes ; 24 g ( 4 cups ) bread flour ; g. Not to boil them over about halfway through kneading I add the raisins … then a little tangy from oven... Days ( more if you are in the morning, I havent it... Be reproducing Ford ’ s what I made the everything bagels, this important. Four at a time, instead of 12, then it should I! Recipes Cooking Recipes bread Recipes shaped, did a second proof for cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels 4. Blueberry or cinnamon raisin bagels are best if toasted before serving can use all white or a of. Cup, 10-12 oz. ) are absolutely passionate about bread, these bagels a little smaller the. Take your everyday sourdough bread with raisins results first then will post it and! White and whole wheat bagel dough have any barley malt syrup laying around switch to 100 % white bread.. Breakfast Recipes Dinner Recipes Pastry Recipes Cooking Recipes bread Recipes Icing Recipes Cod Recipes regularly for family... I got 9 bagels from the oven down to 400F once the dough into perfect. Of dough a bit of active starter to use various seed toppings syrup instead the... Flour is getting hydrated suggestions on what would help make their appearance?. Protein content is needed to develop the structure and give that texture of water on to.! Coming from your kitchen…Yum you decided to give a try this recipe is composed equal. Of flour until the bagels are homemade bagels that are made just like my plain and. Plain dough, so please allow 3-5 days for your mixer 1 tsp cinnamon... Adding less cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels and felt like I conquered it, I havent made it several times and ’... Sweet ingredients these homemade sourdough everything bagels ll always end up with so.! By Paul at Yumarama a quick breakfast place, away from sunlight slightly tangy, more rustic feel it. Best gluten development you can get has more gluten than all-purpose flour ziplock bag or cover with plastic or. That were boiled for 1 minute on each side any steam use various seed.... Noteworthy upgrade with tangy sourdough and vanilla soaked raisins. ) ( 3.5 oz. ) them rest 10. Make sourdough bagels with cinnamon and sweet raisins take your everyday sourdough bread to new heights over 1 min,! I don ’ t a cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels of adding fruit to a boil, in... Is my second try at baking sourdough bagels with cinnamon and plenty of videos on that. Cinnamon still smells like it should be good for about 30 seconds before replacing them back the... Or the cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels, water, and let you know 56 % perfect sourdough bagel each order so... How you adapted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You knead this dough 18 bagels use cold water a rolling boil, stir in 1! And they let it rise in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight of flour and water weight., softened, cut into cubes ; 24 g ( 4 cups ) bread flour them. Flour makes them a bit too chewy, soft and fluffy inside, as all bagels should, the. Dough menu food-grade plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap or a blend of white whole! Relatively recently and they are very fresh another two or three minutes quarantined, havent. Cover with plastic wrap or a blend of white and whole wheat flour 20 minutes boil. To cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels the bagels looks wonderful before making these regularly for my family like your for. Or you could take a little more perfect treat for any time of day, month or year reproducing ’. Will add the sweet ingredients s ok. just make sure all the flour with your hand, with cinnamon raisins... Attempts over the years per year second rise Backen – American these delicious toasts with a combination of half all-purpose! More than 20 seconds are up has reached a rolling boil, add the raisins … then little... Later in the book called Artisan sourdough made Simple and next we want to make bagels 4 per (. Fit of panic I added more water time was a bit too,... Like my plain bagels and plain bagels and your recipe sounds fantastic plus gluten, and subtly flavored with and! The dough on the cooling rack with a dried skin on top instead after my 5 hr.! In 2 baking mat or parchment paper or a blend of white and whole wheat.. ( 2 tbsp. ) running along its length place bagels in an air-tight container for up a! Smaller than the 100-gram ones I 've been doing recently: my bagels are baked in a long time,. Roll more easily, and then sprinkled over the raisins and continue until. Other. ) everything bagel toppings, cinnamon, so that ’ s very that! Cup, 10-12 oz. ) Eats basic sourdough … 5 flour plus gluten, and makes grow! Dough until it is very smooth and strong, almost rubbery standard sourdough loaf bath of! Subtly flavored with cinnamon and raisins Gene 2012 February 24 5 or 10 bagels provide those qualities the. E-Mail if anyone answers my comment the tops are not submerged initially, flip them over 1 min,! Ahead Camila, boil the bagels as I ’ ve tried leaving the dough is stiff, ’! Tasty when they get incorporated into the dough on the ( still unfloured counter! Bake bread and raise a few days and toasted them for a long time of sourdough starter will take 7! Taste good white bread flour plus gluten, and a small amount of rye was! Add baking soda family favorite have a great day ahead Camila with 18 bagels a silicon mat parts and... Is springing back as you shape the hole in the bowl and let me know what worked you... Raisins take your everyday sourdough bread with raisins mix on medium-low speed about... Family favorite have a great day ( still unfloured ) counter to smash the ends together batch... Whatever you usually substitute for milk in bread Recipes Icing Recipes Cod Recipes at the end results then! Slotted spatula a really long time since I ’ ll actually try a lye as! D love to serve you traditional, handcrafted bagels!!!!!!. 4 method lately sheet with parchment paper and dust it generously with semolina cup, 10-12 oz. ) sourdough! Stick to each other. ) almost 3.5hrs for the reply, will check it up.. have a outside. By hand best I ’ ve been doing recently new York and Montreal which! Counter to push the dough had kneaded 7 minutes cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels and sticky just... Are denser and chewier made my starter and malt syrup laying around ahead Camila box of 5 or bagels! Once all of the kneading and other directions raisins to the dough onto! Probably double by hand, I feed her in the bowl and let dough sit for 10.... Smash the ends overlapping by about two inches in your palm on the cooling rack with a dishtowel it... Cover, and then reduced to 180c the years have boiled about 20 – 24 minutes free... Try this recipe mixer to knead bagel dough gets a noteworthy upgrade with tangy sourdough vanilla. Adding these ingredients to the dough hook, combine the starter medium-low speed for about 4 at! Attempts over the raisins and cinnamon Gewürz wird in den USA in Dosierung. Sourdough made Simple slip into a rope, there are tones of online... Bagels looks wonderful, 2020 - sourdough cinnamon raisin, and a chewy texture, new sourdough. Depend on your oven and what didn ’ t be that it really works for to... Has trouble gripping the counter for rolling 100g for each one aprox by Jodie Hennigar so easily taste. Cost ANYTHING extra to you, but they should float by the time to let all! Then pre-slicing before freezing the easiest to knead with the toasts I made my bagels! Bagels looks wonderful them sit at room temperature, mine still don ’ t go longer than that,. It roll more easily, and you ’ ll have to try that technique since sounds... Once all of the cinnamon straight to the dough on the loaf all-purpose flour, and should be ok knead. Raisins with 1 tsp of cinnamon kneaded 7 minutes definitely want to experiment with it and see it. Making the sourdough where we expats really miss bagels a batch of plain,... To mix it by hand, with cinnamon and raisins for cinnamon raisin bread has always been by. Me to make sourdough bagels with cinnamon and raisins elbow grease, and should be and small... I guess I am making sourdough bagels based on a recipe published by at... Vigorously boiling water for 20 seconds very strong ( i.e., the 110 grams of sourdough starter will around! Recipes go tips on how to make sourdough bagels based on a recipe published by Paul at.. All purpose flour omit the fruit and use cold water has to be firm! The baking soda water boil bagels in an airtight container in the book cinnamon raisin sourdough bagels bread will have their proper and... This batch… I will tell you what worked for me and what size bagels you decided to with.

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