Ideal Use. Varathane is a water-based finish for use on woods, paper, fabric and other materials. This advanced formula guarantees beautiful results 3 times faster than traditional wood stains. It is perfectly OK to put an oil based poly over an acrylic paint - maybe not the best thing to use in your case, but there'll be no incompatibility between the 2 resin types. As the world's first commercial water-based artists' acrylic, Liquitex has been the home of acrylics for all artists, since 1955. I did this 3D acrylic painting and i cant use a brush-on sealer. Varathane 1864685 Premium Fast Dry Semi-Transparent Honey Maple Wood Stain, 0.5 Pint - Case of 4. Add to registry Varathane 262024 1-2 Pint Early American Fast Dry Wood Stain. What is a good top coat for acrylic paint? Top. In trying this wipe on poly over paint I hope to uncover if this product is better than my holy grail top coat! Brush Jockey gave the best reason not to use the oil - it'll yellow. You just have to rough up the Varathane surface to the point that paint will stick to it. The Annie Sloan brush is not like a typical paint brush, so please follow her instructions on the package and “prime” it before using. Not sold in stores . So, to properly apply polyurethane over paint: Step 1: Wash the surface. Varathane 262075 Half Pint Clear Matte Finish Soft Touch Polyurethane in Varnish. Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood explains how to get this look in this tutorial. Combined, this innovative formula creates rich one coat coverage, which dries in one hour. 0 Reviews. It easily goes on without flashing, which is something I've had a hard time with when using other polyurethanes-except wipe-ons. Can you put polyurethane over chalk paint? Continue over the entire piece to remove all the wax. Follow manufacturer’s direction for application of paint. But fashions change. You can’t go any better than Varathane because it is a cut above the rest. Joined: 10/01/2005 . Use a soft sponge or rag and a powerful detergent to clean up the painted surface. Both oil- and water-based polyurethane can be applied to latex/acrylic paint; however, oil-based polyurethane will create a yellow or amber hue, especially to light colors. 1 decade ago. Unfortunately, when many do-it-yourselfers apply polyurethane over a water-based latex or acrylic paint, they end up with rampant flaking. It forms a crystal clear coat that is tough and resistant to scuffs and discoloration from UV light. Smooth finish. Discover our story here. To remove the wax, dip a sponge or rag into odorless mineral spirits. YOU CAN SEE MY FULL DISCLOSURE HERE. I’ll share below how I used it, the methods in which I applied it and a full and honest review once I finished . Posted by : Latex Agent / May 12, 2017. Hi Johnny52, Yes, our Premium Diamond Wood Finish For Interior can be applied over acrylic paint. Make certain surface is thoroughly dry before applying our Varathane Premium Diamond Wood Finish. Refer to manufacturer’s label for dry times. Clear Semi-Gloss 275 VOC Oil-Based Exterior Spar Urethane (2-Pack) Clear Semi-Gloss 275 VOC Oil-Based Exterior Spar Urethane (2-Pack) Model# 242185 Add to list . Varathane Soft-Touch Poly in Matte is a great top coat for chalky paint. Painting over polyurethane woodwork can be time consuming, and maddening. Color. Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain is a premium, high performance stain system enhanced with Nano pigments and soy oil base for exceptional colour clarity. A deep, rich wood stain color plus a white paint over the top will look weathered after distressing. For a vintage antiqued sheen, I also applied Annie Sloan’s Black Wax on selected areas OVER the fully dried coats of poly. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. It is not hard, just another step. It has a very gentle sheen like wax produces and is very protective. Varathane is a water-based polyurethane sealer that adds shine to wood and latex-painted surfaces. By adding a glossy coat on top of the dry painting, you can really make those colors shine again, and it helps to brighten them up – like a wet-look again. How to Paint Over Varnish, Polyurethane, Seals and More Without Sanding. It is recommended that you apply the sealant over a primer to enhance its resistance to corrosion and rust. 4.6/5 (185 Views . It’s General Finishes High Performance Top Coat and it is WONDERFUL! Also, hanging it to dry after cleaning is really important. How to Use Polyurethane Over Latex Paint. I have also used clear acrlyic sprays. Improper techniques can lead to your paint finish to fail; bubble, peel or chip . 0 Reviews. Last seen: 4 years 5 months ago . Furthermore, polyurethane application is a very simple procedure that virtually any household handyman is capable of tackling—provided, of course, that they're armed with the proper set of tools and a helpful set of instructions. As mentioned, poly is fine, Krylon also, and I’ve used … But with the right materials, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can paint over the polyurethane. Mark Hepburn Artist & Chef. To add durability without affected color, use a water-based finish. Go over the surface with the soaked sponge/rag and it will remove the wax. Any of the brands listed in this post, including our top pick, can be used if you want to use poly over chalk paint. I often use Waterlox over acrylic airbrush paint. Step 4 – Chalk Paint Over the Stain and Polyurethane. THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS TO PRODUCTS USED. Source (s): varathane wood sealer seal acrylic painting: Acrylic over polyester. For durability, I used 3 coats of Varathane’s Diamond Polyurathane in Satin. And here it is with a poly and wax finish. Expert finish, ultimate durability and wonderful clarity bring out the beauty of natural wood. Acrylic paints can dry rather matte and dull and often look a bit disappointing when compared to how they shine when they are wet. like. Water-based finishes maintain the colour of the wood, paint or stain, dry quickly, and clean up easily with soap and water. 0. Here’s what we started with. Create a weathered farmhouse-style finish with Varathane Wood Stain and Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint. No bleed through, then get painting! Price Price. Joined: Mar 26, 2014 Messages: 1,529 Location (City & State): Houma, Louisiana. Color. Y’all, I have a new water-based polyurethane over paint favorite! Start by cleaning the surface and filling in any cracks or imperfections. Any type of polyurethane can be used over chalk paint. Remove oils and foreign particles from the painted finish, before you apply the sealer, or the finish may fail. Remove peelings from paint, rust, elements of corrosion, dirt, oil, or grease. Source(s): You can also purchase polyurethane in a spray can which makes it a bit easier to apply, especially on large projects. Varathane ® Water-Based Clear Finishes are specifically developed to enhance the natural beauty of wood while providing protection. Remember to test on a small area first. Applying polyurethane over a painted surface will give it an impeccably smooth finish. About Us; Trending; Popular; Contact; Does paint stick to varathane? The milky whitish-bluish water-based polyurethane varnish in a tin has been clay artists #1 go-to glaze for two-plus decades. It is ideal for furniture, floors, cabinets and more. Category: hobbies and interests painting. Outdoor projects use Varathane Diamond Outdoor Finish with powerful UV absorbers to guard against sun damage. Varathane polyurethane finishes have protected kitchen cabinets for many years. Diane B. Lv 7. No wood conditioner or pre-stain required. Surfaces with varnish, polyurethanes, or other sealants or finishes require sanding before any paint can be properly applied. Similar products give a more amber cast. Varathane doesn’t have to be removed from the wood in order to be painted over. Varathane doesn't have to be removed from the wood in order to be painted over. Grease stains, dirt, dried mud, and any sort of other filth needs to be washed off before you can apply the first coat of polyurethane. 4 years ago. Sat, 2007-10-20 17:14 (Reply to #2) #3. Varathane Sealer. It's more amber (than acrylic) to begin with and it'll get more yellow over time (nature of the beast). It gives a similar feel as wax and the sheen is easy to get even. If it’s used as a finish on your cabinets, you’re lucky since it’s easier to prepare for painting than other finishes. Price Price. If you want to avoid a similar outcome, choose a specific type of polyurethane, specifically formulated to bond with water-based finishes. The second way to paint over wax is to remove it first. Refine product results. Can I use varathane over paint? You can apply Varathane to any surface containing interior and exterior latex paint, including walls, tables, chairs and workbenches, once the paint is dry. Last edited: Dec 19, 2017. hockenbery, Dec 18, 2017 #7. HomepAge / varathane / Varathane Water-Based Clear Finish. Whether you're a furniture maker, a professional contractor or a DIYer, Varathane makes wood repair and finishing as easy as 1-2-3. Product Type. Waterlox is almost clear. Polyurethane is a clear varnish that dries to a hard, solid finish. Full disclosure I reached out to Fusion Mineral paint to work with them on this project. This … Can you use Varathane (wood sealer) to seal an acrylic painting? Apply 2 coats as 1 will not do it. Refine product results. Over twice as durable as traditional wood finishes. Not sold in stores . I'm very interested in this, I have an sanded epoxy board that I would like to put a lightweight gloss over to be sure that there is no water seepage. Avoiding Sanding and Priming Prep. **please note this post contains affiliate links. Let me back up a little bit and tell you how I got here… In my last post, I said that I was going to paint all of my cabinets with a brush because I couldn’t stand the thought of taping and draping everything for spraying indoors.

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