Oak wilt is a vascular wilt disease caused by a fungus that clogs the water-conducting (xylem) vessels of trees in the Beech family (predominately oak species but also chestnuts and several others). The oak fungus is spread in one of two ways: Fungal spores are either transported to healthy trees by insects, or the fungus travels from a diseased tree to a healthy one via root grafts. Consult a trained and licensed arborist (with certified applicator’s license) for treatment of susceptible trees with injections of propiconazole (AlamoTM). It is for this reason I have chosen to take photos of all the variations of symptoms I see and consequently look for during diagnosis, in order to better assist those in need of descriptive, thorough and accurate information to help them investigate a possible oak wilt situation. I manage thousands of acres of oak wilt in over a dozen counties within central Texas. Note: We are using Research Associates Laboratory to validate diagnoses and DNA testing to verify the various species in the images and videos below. As the tree continues to wilt, leaves turn brown and fall from the tree. Oak wilt usually shows itself among the growth in the canopy (roughly the upper third of the tree) first. Without intensive research showing routine capacity of any oak to resist the fungus effectively on its own – no positive claim of resistance should be made! Trenching is disruptive, expensive, and difficult in an urban neighborhood. Oak wilt usually shows itself among the growth in the canopy (roughly the upper third of the tree) first. The Post oak is tolerant of oak wilt – i.e. Over the last two years, we have conducted research to identify the relatively high-risk period of overland spread of oak wilt in Michigan. Leaves begin to change color near the upper portion of the tree crown and as the disease progresses, turn bronze in color. How to Identify Oak Wilt. The disease spreads two ways: BEETLES: Picnic Beetles (Nitidulid spp.) What is Oak Wilt? Usually the initial discoloring symptom is located in the upper portion of the tree during the mid summer months. The disease disrupts the flow of nutrients from tree roots to the branches and leaves above. live oaks A multi-stage study of the above five European white oaks by inoculation of seedlings in 1984, 1986, and in 1987-1988 a “Short-term Susceptibility Test” was conducted by J. Pinon and Dr. W. L. MacDonald as a precursor to a massive later inoculative “Long-term Susceptibility Test” in 1996. I see it regularly. Look for a "lobe and sinus" pattern on the oak leaves--the blades of the leaf and the indentations in between. Oak wilt is deadly disease that affects all species of oaks (Quercus) found in Minnesota. Most importantly, there are often occasions when the classic leaf symptoms are few or even non-existent at the sites I visit. Conversely, live oaks in the southern United States produce characteristic dead areas along the leaf veins. The bad tree that possibly forms pressure pad fungal mats more consistently that Red Oaks. During summer months, diseased red oaks Also, quite pertinent here – Dr. William MacDonald during a presentation at a Symposium in Pittsburg, makes a very strong remark about the surprise and great concern that occurred by expert here and especially those in England when two of the greatest European oaks – Quercus robur (English oak) and Quercus patraea – Sessile oak were inoculated with oak wilt spores here in the U.S. and the mortality response was very similar to Red Oaks! How To Identify and Manage Oak Wilt in Texas Introduction Oak wilt, one of the most destructive tree diseases in the United States, is killing oak trees in central Texas at epidemic proportions (fig.1). This species is becoming a more prevalent selection as an “oak wilt resistant” shade tree. Generic names like shin or scrub actually make identification more of a challenge rather than easier – the purpose for common names to begin with. © licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. How to Identify Oak Wilt in Austin, TX. It's quite a challenge for even a BCMA to find a pure specimen in most of these nurseries – more often than not it too is a “mutt tree” most often with Texana genes mixed in. More on that later…, Image Courtesy of Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements. These two trees regularly graft. Foliar symptoms, patterns of tree mortality, and the presence of fungal mats can be used as indicators of oak wilt. It is sobering to see how seriously our entire national tree cover is being affected by Oak Wilt. Foliar symptoms, patterns of tree mortality, and the presence of fungal mats Occasionally, a few live The good news – herbicide containment works! This symptom is called Learn more about Oak Wilt symptoms in the Red Oak Family. The fungus essentially destroys the water supply “veins” of susceptible oak trees. Read more about how the DNA-based Method Enhances Detection of the Oak Wilt Fungus, Mexican White Oak (a.k.a. “Shade Tree Wilt Diseases.” Proceedings from Wilt Diseases of Shade Trees: A National Conference. The presence of tyloses ensures that barrels made from white oak wood will not leak. Doesn’t that sound like a more accurate and appropriate use of the term…? Oak wilt cannot be transmitted by burning infected firewood, but fungal mats may form on firewood in storage. As mentioned above, the Mexican White Oak will continue to cross with other oaks and make the likelihood of mortality only worsen for their crossbred progeny. It is possible that Post oaks, while they don’t die immediately from oak wilt (like the Bur oaks in the upper Midwest – see below), very well may succumb to hypoxolon as a result of the weakened health. Another non-native red oak – this one is actually one of my favorite oaks to plant if conditions are appropriate.

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