The manufacturer of the Jarvis standing desk, Fully, prides itself on its stability. 72” Fully Jarvis Extended should pretty easily be under the $1k mark, I just bought a second one for my wife (72” Bamboo Contour with the extended frame, special memory controller and big Topo mat) and it was $883 before a 5% coupon I found on google (google around for a 5% discount code) Your mileage – and cost – may vary. Every google search for standing desk carpets brings me reviews of standing mats! The thoughtfully designed Jarvis is everything you could ever want in an adjustable-height desk – and then some. Home / Height Adjustable Desks / Zen Bamboo Ergo Edge Standing Desk. All with a 72" top (solid one). 5. I put together a video talking about my experience after 2 months of daily use. I was wondering how's the stability, does it wobble much? Not only will you be able to move it up and down, you’ll also be able to choose your own desktop material. Stable Desk The desk manufactured by Jarvis has a heavier foot, which lower its center of gravity. Fit Additional Wire Management Grommets. PLEASE NOTE: All orders with GREY LEGS are on backorder until December 31st. Jarvis is a great electric standing desk by Fully. The thing is, the bamboo in that size puts me out of price range (as I’m after all the additional extras on the desk too like extended arms/memory buttons etc) so I think I’m going for the Laminate version as it’s within my budget. These pockets are useful for both desktop and laptop users. The Best Standing Desks in 2020 Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk. Everything was packed thoughtfully and no damage was incurred in shipping. Fully offers a large selection of add-ons that quickly inflate the price. The author selected a desk specific to his needs. Our custom, Australian made & designed Zen Space Standing Desks are designed to bring productivity and health into your workspace at an affordable price. I got an Eye on the Fully Jarvis Desk. The Jarvis standing desk comes with two wire management grommets— one on the left corner and the other on the right. - Standing Desk - Jarvis (Desktop only) 78"x30" (Ballard) $75 Fully Jarvis Standing desk (Brooklyn Heights) $500 Jarvis Fully 72" Bamboo Standing Desk (Central District) $500 This model comes with a Bamboo top that looks decent and is environmentally conscious. The best electric standing desks all boast of their environmental credentials, but none can match the Fully Jarvis Bamboo for overall eco-friendliness. I'm currently debating between the Uplift V2, Uplift V2 Commercial and Jarvis Fully. I bought the desk for my wife who is currently working from home. I’ve settled on the Jarvis but I’m after a bigger desktop size of 72 x 30 rather than 60 x 30. Buy Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk - 3-Stage Extended Range Frame with Memory Preset Handset Controller by Fully (Silver, 72 x 30): Computer Workstations - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Maybe the iMovr if I nothing else. Uplift has a 80x30 option jarvis does not. The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk scores highly on style, useability, and customization. Built with stability and aesthetics in mind, our electric height adjustable desks allow you to take physical breaks … Even while extended to its full height of 48.75 inches, the desk is more than stable enough. The first major piece is the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk (reviewed at $1,029, starting at $549). After some advice guys! I believe the jarvis is 3/4 in thick & i want a very large desk. The Jarvis Standing desk is as adjustable as you can get. I will use it to work on my PC, but also to write a lot on paper. Built with 350-pound weight capacity, they have worked hard to create the same stability as a four-legged desk with only two. Hi, I'm looking to buy some Standing desk. Options to Remodel or Make Improvements to the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 1.