Stimulus checks weren't included in the original package because of financial constraints, according to Senator Joe Manchin. It provided as much as $600 to individuals and $1,200 to couples plus $300 per child, according to the Tax Foundation. The payment, added to the $600 already going out to Americans, would raise the second stimulus check to $2,000. That was largely true with the first two checks (there are always some exceptions) and would likely play out similarly the third time around. There May Be Precedent for a Second Stimulus Check. Even as a second stimulus payment nears approval, the IRS is still trying to reach people who were eligible for the first $1,200 stimulus check… The IRS may show a stimulus check was mailed to you back on Jan. 6 — but there may be a bit of a delay getting it to you. If you got the full amounts — $1,200 per adult last year and $600 this month, plus extra for dependents — you’re good to go. Mailed payments may be delivered in a different format than the first stimulus check. All second stimulus checks must be issued by January 15, 2021. President Donald Trump signed a pandemic relief bill in late December, which means a second round of Economic Impact Payments (aka stimulus checks) is rolling out to Americans. Democratic and Republican lawmakers have expressed new optimism they will reach a coronavirus-aid deal, but the current round of talks excludes a second round of stimulus checks … A second stimulus payment is on the way for millions for Americans. As a part of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act recently signed into law, the IRS announced that they have begun issuing a second round of stimulus payments to eligible tax filers.. Congress is close to agreeing on a $600 stimulus check—here's when you might see your second check, based on … Those who received a paper check or debit card during the first round of stimulus payments will likely receive their second payment the same way unless they set up … If you don’t get a second stimulus check by then (mailed checks may take longer to deliver), you will have to file a 2020 federal tax return and claim it as part of your tax refund. The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 gave rebates to some 124 million households. Technically, both the first and second stimulus checks are advances on a special, pandemic-only tax credit called the Recovery Rebate Credit. Will there be more Covid relief before the new year? During the Great Recession, there were two rounds of stimulus checks sent out. Most people will receive the second stimulus check the same way they got the first — either by direct deposit, paper check, or debit card. Here are answers to some of the top questions you may have about the second stimulus checks: